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Protective materials for the Residential Home in Niedabyl


Today (3 April 2020), the Ministry of Justice and the Prison Service have provided the Residential Home in Niedabyl in Białobrzegi district, Mazowsze, with necessary protective materials. There are 60 people infected with coronavirus in this facility. The materials granted were collected by Sylwester Korgul, the head of Białobrzegi district.

As a sign of solidarity with the sick residents, Zbigniew Ziobro, the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, decided to donate to the facility in Niedabyl 1000 masks, thermometers and sanitisers. Protective materials were collected thanks to the efforts of penitentiary institutions which got involved in sewing masks for healthcare workers.

– These days we should support each other and act for the benefit of the common good. No one should be left without help – says Michał Wójcik, the Deputy Minister of Justice.

The Residential Home in Niedabyl (Stromiec commune, Białobrzegi district, Mazovia Province) is a place of permanent residence for children, youth and adults with disabilities. The facility has been operating since 1984. The district government in Białobrzegi is looking for doctors, including retired doctors, who would take care of the patients in the facility in Niedabyl. There are elderly people and children with cerebral palsy among the residents of the facility.

Let’s show solidarity with those who need help!

Source from:
Office of Communication and Promotion
Ministry of Justice