Statement MoJ


Implementation of court orders regarding contacts with children


The Ministry of Justice informs that all orders issued by courts regarding contacts between children and parents who live separately are in force.

In connection with questions and doubts concerning the implementation during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic of personal contacts between minor children and parents who live separately, the Ministry of Justice emphasises that all orders issued by courts in this respect are in force. Both final orders and non-final but immediately enforceable orders issued under the securing procedure remain valid.

Lack of the implementation of these orders may lead to the initiation of relevant proceedings and then to ordering the payment of a certain amount of money pursuant to the provisions of Article 598 15 , Article 598 16 and Article 598 22 of the Polish Code of Civil Procedure.

The refusal to implement the court order may result only from prohibitions connected  with the quarantine applied.

Office of Communication and Promotion
Ministry of Justice