Election of the First President of the Supreme Court (FPSC)


The election of professor MaƂgorzata Manowska for the position of the FPSC was conducted in accordance with the Constitution.

The assembly that selected the candidates and then elected the president was conducted in the manner described in the Constitution and the act on the Supreme Court.

I would like to remind that in Poland every act has a presumption of constitutionality until it is declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Chamber.

In the light of the provisions in force, it cannot be considered that the participation of the Supreme Court judges has been limited or changed in any way.

Let us remember that there is no doubt that, in general, the system and organization of the judicial system in the Member States remain outside the scope of EU competence, which the Member States confer on the Union.

Thus, these issues should be outside the area of interest of EU bodies, as being the sole responsibility of individual countries.