Draft LIBE report


The political origin of the Commission operating within the EP explains the conditioning of its content with the ideological perspective adopted by the authors of the Draft Report in dealing with the indicated issues.

The content of the document clearly indicates that the selection of issues raised therein, and especially the way they are presented in the Draft Report, reveals the critical attitude of the Commission towards the projects of the Polish authorities in the field discussed.

For analogous reasons, the Draft Report overtones are at the same time approaching the rhetoric adopted by the opposition forces in Poland, which define their attitude to the actions of Polish authorities in the analysed issues, similarly to the authors of the Draft Report.

To a large extent, the Draft Report is motivated, therefore, by ideological views rather than the intention of a reliable, impartial and, above all, substantive summary of the debate on the studied legal solutions and legislation in general in Poland.

An analysis of the content of the Draft Report also proves that the implementation of its political goals is carried out in the text of the Report through a series of simplifications, inaccuracies, and often also adulteration and demagogy.

This is most clearly revealed in the scope of considerations of the authors of the Draft Report regarding fundamental rights issues, especially in the area of sex education, abortion and contraception.

The theses cited in this regard in the Draft Report are in fact a duplication of the vision of society and the state proclaimed by supporters of the political worldview shared by the Commission.

However, what is particularly important, raising such issues reveals a wide opening of the catalogue of issues taken up in the Draft Report and a significant departure from the basic framework of the rule of law analysis.

In this regard, the Draft Report most clearly demonstrates its political motives and should be treated as a manifestation of specific ideological beliefs in the ongoing public debate, and at the same time an opportunity to show different beliefs in a negative way.